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           The Club organises one fishing trip each month to a variety of easily accessible places, usually one or two day weekend events. River excursions naturally favour the fly or spin angler, whilst trips to lakes cater for all types of fishing. Trip location is dependent on members suggestions to Committee and some of the more recent club trips have included Lake Tarawera, Blue Lake, Lake Okareka, and Lake Okataina; Te Awa Campsite Rangitakei River, Ashpit Bay Lake Rerewhakaaitu, Lake Aniwhenua and streams, Ngongotaha Stream, Waioeka River and Taupo Rivers.

     Each month a member who attended the last club trip writes a narrative report, story, poem etc. giving an overview of what went on.  The report is published in the members monthly newsletter for all to enjoy.

          To where club members are off to next, check out our Coming Events page on this website.

Waikato Spring Creeks 




On Saturday 21st January nine enthusiastic anglers met at the Clubrooms and took three vehicles over the Kaimais to the Waimakariri Stream Bridge on StHwy 5 just outside Tirau.


This trip was intended to be an insight into what waters are available to anglers, other than those which can be seen off a bridge from a car moving at 100km/hr.


It was to be an extremely warm day, which was a change from previous attempts to get to this stream.  Two planned trips had been cancelled due to either bad weather or high & dirty water conditions.


Having arrived at the Trout Hatchery Monument adjacent the old main road bridge, we all went for a stroll along the downstream left bank, just to get a feel for what we would encounter. The ‘Waimak’ was running clear and at a moderate level, a good sign.


After about 20 minutes it was back to the cars (which were then moved on to the land owner’s property) to get kitted out for a morning’s fishing. The plan was to fish until midday and then move to the rest-area adjacent the Waihou Stream at the bridge on Whites Road for lunch.


Phil S. & Barry opted to head upstream of the bridge, whilst Richard, Karl  (Prospective member), Phil N., Wayne, Geoff, Mike J. & Graham O’Riordan (New member) spread themselves out downstream.


Mike’s first cast resulted in a short term hook-up on a sardine sized rainbow which attacked a #14 Royal Wulff before spitting it out after 10 seconds. Subsequent attempts to repeat this were in vain, so a #18 Pheasant Tail was added as a dropper about 350mm below the dry fly (‘just to provide another meal option for the fish’). 

This set-up resulted in multiple strikes which Mike [in his advancing years] was too slow to react to.

Actually - because of the necessity to mend the line and provide a ‘drag-free’ drift  Mike’s double taper #5 floating line was not in direct contact with the fly.

The only way to remedy this was to wade out into the stream and cast directly upstream. This led to a nice little rainbow (8”) being caught & released.


The rest of the crew had similar results – Geoff reckoned that the three he caught would have fitted in an oval shaped can nicely, ‘just add the sauce or oil’.

Obviously Size Does Matter, so they were all released to grow a little bigger.


The Land Owner & his Wife (Vern & Peggy) were both very hospitable and are happy for legitimate anglers to access the stream through their property.  They have offered the use of their off-street parking by the house and ask that visiting anglers “Just leave a note on the car windscreen or at the house door”.  They suggested that if the Anglers Club wish to have future trips here; that we contact them so that they can have the BBQ made available. This is a wonderful gesture & is very much appreciated.

Lunch at the Waihou rest area was a good time to reflect on the different methods which we had all tried that morning.  A few hardy locals were watched jumping into the stream & floating down the narrow channel adjacent the carpark. With the water temperature at a constant 10o, you have to be very brave (or silly) to do this more than once!!


 After lunch, two cars were taken to the upstream end of the 5km Waihou Walkway with six of the group while Mike, Graham & Geoff worked their way upstream.

Of the nine anglers, only two had ever ventured along this river side.  The remaining seven were very impressed with the clarity of the stream and many commented that they were totally unaware of the access opportunities available. 


Mike caught & released a well conditioned 1lb Rainbow while working his way upstream. Phil S. sat on a rock and proceeded to catch three fish using a bubble & nymph while Richard accepted the offer from Karl to cast to a good sized fish seen lurking amongst the weeds. After a couple of distance measuring casts Richard’s presentation was spot-on and the Rainbow rocketed out of the water to engulf the fly. A short but exciting fight ensued with the fish finally dislodging the hook & disappearing into the depths.


By 4:00pm the heat of the day had certainly had its effect and it was a happy bunch of fishers who decided enough was enough and a beer was needed to finish the day.


Next stop, the Okoroire Hotel for a quick pint of their “best brown bubbly” where we all agreed that it had been a very good day and a lot was learnt about small streams and access opportunities.

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