Club Trip Reports

Fishing Trip Each Month

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           The Club organises one fishing trip each month to a variety of easily accessible places, usually one or two day weekend events. River excursions naturally favour the fly or spin angler, whilst trips to lakes cater for all types of fishing. Trip location is dependent on members suggestions to Committee and some of the more recent club trips have included Lake Tarawera, Blue Lake, Lake Okareka, and Lake Okataina; Te Awa Campsite Rangitakei River, Ashpit Bay Lake Rerewhakaaitu, Lake Aniwhenua and streams, Ngongotaha Stream, Waioeka River and Taupo Rivers.

     Each month a member who attended the last club trip writes a narrative report, story, poem etc. giving an overview of what went on.  The report is published in the members monthly newsletter for all to enjoy.

                                                                            Rerewhakaaktu  19 - 21st March 2021 Trip Report

 The weather looked good for the entire weekend but the only bugger was that stinkin sou-easterly wind that blew onto the beach the whole time. I'm glad I took some warm clothes with me. There was a good turnout of club members, some camping in motorhomes and others glamping at a local bnb.  Gary Rooks arrived at the camp on Thursday so he had a headstart on the rest of us with nine fish caught. I took Ken Freer out with me Friday arvo and he tells me he hasn't caught a trout before so I set him up with a bibbed rapala brown trout lure on his egg beater setup and I had one of Rookies favourite stump jumpers on my jigging setup.

Into the shallows by the lodge and around off the opposite side of the Rere Domain next thing Ken is in action, the reel releasing line at a fast rate until Ken got the fish under control and we finally had the fish in the net. Congrats mate, your first trout. I got nothing on Friday. That evening we lit a fire on the beach and we all sat around telling lies and I entertained them with a few tunes on the accordion. Luckily the wind seamed to drop out in the eve-
nings thank goodness. Saturday Ken and I went back to the same area as we did get some shelter from that bloody wind and a fish each for the morning session.


Erroll and Geoff and the O’Riordan family were on the water and came down to the camp at lunchtime for a catch-up and weigh in there catches. Ian Robbie had arrived by then and was setting up his inflatable. Gary had two more fish to add to his nine and decided he was happiness filled so homeward bound was the plan, the O’Riordans weighed in four and Geoff two fish.

Ian Robbie came equipped with his tent but I told him I had a spare bed in my bus if he wanted and he accepted. Another fire on the beach, more lies and Ian entertained us with music on his boom box gadget, billy boiled on the fire and hot drinks all round before retiring for the night. On Sunday I set Ken up with a harling rig along with myself and back to the shallows we went two more fish each. Tim and Corban caught more and Ian Robbie finally blooded his inflatable with a fish. 20 odd fish caught for the weekend,

Gary with the heaviest @2lb 8oz, Tim with the longest @510mm.

We all packed up except Ian who fished the afternoon only to lose two lures
and no fish.

Thats all from

Cheers Woody