Club Equipment

A Dedicated Fishing Fan Club

         The Club has a book, DVD and video library, Waders, Float Tubes, and Canning Machine for the use of members. 


          The Club also owns a large marquee tent that is taken on camping club trips for communal use and can be used for a fee  by members.

          The equipment listed is available to all Members.  Contact our 'Gear Guardian' to arrange pick-up and return. Phil Sinclair 5763823


                Float tubes (c/w fins & lifejackets)  


                Barbeque   (User Refills Gas Bottle prior to return) 

                Fold away table

                Pontoon Boat [for fly fishing] inflatable.Paddles and can mount a small outboard 2-3hp also

                2 Fly rods and reels

                1 trainer rod (rope line)


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